Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Collin Reviews Pangaea in an Awesome Way

The following review was written by my buddy Collin, age 11. He's a big fan of Pangaea, a webcomic by the great Kevin Wolf. Enjoy!

"I thought Pangaea was a great comic book about crazy animals that live in Pangaea, the continent the earth was before it split. I would think anybody would like this book because it is hilarious, well written and drawn, and made for anybody. All the characters in this book are hilarious. One of my favorite characters is Kyle Quagmire, an alligator that grew up in a cubby, gets in a fight with a toaster, and watches 'I Love Lucy.' They all know each other and play tricks on each other. The artwork was very detailed and really gave you an idea of the environment and the place they were from, from a leopard's house in a tree to a bagel shop owned by a bird. The written word was funny and very clear.* I would strongly recommend this book to all comic book readers.

*With the exception of the alligator family. "

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