Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Matt is Featured on NinjaTurtles.com

Jeanie here. Matt is way too modest to post such an announcement:

Matt won a Ninja Turtle Art Contest!!

At NinjaTurtles.com they pick 4 winners biweekly. Some of the winning pieces are obviously created by kids, while some of the pieces are created by adults who, like Matt, possess a lifelong love interest with the TMNT and who continuously submit art pieces to the web site (NOTE: this is Matt's fourth submission). The adult-created submissions are even more obvious to distinguish, as you will note a pretty sweet-looking Krang sculpture on this round of winners. Regardless of this fact, the news is enough to make you giddy with kid-like pride (ANOTHER NOTE: Matt's mother is very proud of him).

Here's how you can experience the giddiness for yourself: view Matt's winning piece at NinjaTurles.com under "Art Contest."

1 comment:

  1. When did you guys move to Mississippi?

    I like the emo kid posing with the Krang sculpture.

    Way to go! This is magnificence, on a half shell!